Helene works as Stage Crew at Comfort Hotel Xpress and was a part of the opening team. In March, she left us for three months to attend The Norwegian Entrepreneurship Programme in Houston, Texas. Here are a few words from the lovely and lively Helene, straight outta Texas.

Howdy y’all!

After almost three months in Texas I just had to send a howdy to all of you back home!

When I left for Houston, Texas, in the middle of March, Comfort Hotel Xpress had only been up and running for two months.  Leaving the hotel shortly after opening felt like leaving the party just before the champagne was brought to the table. And that’s just not my style!

Thankfully, following Comfort Hotel Xpress and my lovely co-workers closely on Twitter, Facebook and the blog has made my homesickness sting a little less.  And I have to confess I opened my own champagne over here in the Wild West when I read that the hotel is ranked #1 for business in Oslo on TripAdvisor!

Wow! I am so impressed and proud, but maybe not very surprised… Now it feels like I’m coming home just in time for the real party!

So what will I bring back from Texas to Xpress?
Maybe not my eating habits. Let’s just say there’s more to love now than when I left. But I most certainly will bring back the southern hospitality mentality and a huge smile. If I thought small talk was my thing when leaving Oslo, staying in Texas has made me realize as most Norwegians I am nothing more than an amateur.

Houstonians and Texans in general can have a looong conversation just about the color of your shoes. I love it (I actually did have an hour long conversation about the color of my shoes, orange, and it resulted in a lovely southern belle inviting me and all my friends to dinner)!

I love the US, Americans and Texas, but there is no place like home! There are a lot of things I look forward to when I get back to Oslo. Working at Comfort Hotel Xpress, hanging out at Tilt with the Stage Crew and I am really looking forward to hosting you all during the Øya Festival in August – the best music festival in the world! I also can’t wait to see what SinnSykShit has painted around our friend, the digital concierge in the lobby. 

But most of all, I look forward to meeting you; old and new guests at the hotel!

See y’all soon and y’all have a nice day now!

A big smile from
Helene Svabø